December Nightskies with Scott Lawlor - EF5 Tornado

Artists: December Nightskies with Scott Lawlor
Album: EF5 Tornado
Label / Release date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016 25 Sept.
Style: Dark Ambient, Space Drone, Field Recordings


EF5 Tornado is a dark ambient collaboration from December Nightskies (Kendall Keeler) and Scott Lawlor. This is a concept album thought of by December Nightskies and based off of the EF5 Tornado that destroyed Moore Oklahoma in 2013.

1. Springtime In Oklahoma (19:24)
2. Sign Of Impending Devastation (9:02)
3. Season Of Severe Weather Alerts (31:18)
4. The Tornado Is Coming This Way (8:21)
5. Rebuilding The City (3:42)

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Scott Lawlor & EugeneKha - Vega Chronicles: Strange Sky Of Vega

artists: Scott Lawlor And EugeneKha
album: Vega Chronicles: Strange Sky Of Vega
Label / Release / Country: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016 || USA - Russia
Style: Space Ambient, Drone, Dark Ambient
Time: 60:12


This Album- Part Of The Big Project In A Genre Of Epic Space Drone Of "Vega Chronicles". The Album "Strange Sky of Vega" Is Recorded In 2014 And Is The Third Collaboration Of Two Musicians — Scott Lawlor (USA) And Evgenij V. Kharitonov (aka EugeneKha, Russia).

“Strange Sky Of Vega” – третья совместная работа американского дроун-музыканта Скотта Лавлёра (Scott Lawlor) и российского эмбиент-проекта EugeneKha. Одновременно этот альбом, записанный еще в 2014 году, является частью большого Epic Space Drone проекта «Хроники Веги», запущенного Скоттом и объединившего многих эмбиент-артистов из США, России, Финляндии и других стран.

Various Artists - 45 Echoes Sounds: 5/50 (2016)

Artist: Various
Album: 45 ECHOES SOUNDS: 5/50
Label / Release: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016
Style: Ambient, Light Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone,Noise Ambient, Ethnic Ambient, Space

The first big compilation from 45 Echoes Sounds is devoted to two dates in label life: to the fifth birthday of a label and release at number 50. These five fine years we were happy to share with musicians and with listeners our love to flows ambient music. We trust: it only the beginning of a way, ahead of us is waited by fine, fascinating musical dipping! Long Live To Ambient!


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EugeneKha - Live At Green Travel Fest

artist: EugeneKha
Label / Release date: Aural Films || 2015
Style: Live Ethnic Ambient, Ambient-rock
Format: FLAC, MP3

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Video 1
Video 2

1. Russian Mantras: Live Set 2015-05-30 (41:33)
2. Sergey 'Boroff'Vysokosov, German Olshuk, EugeneKha & Vera Sazhina - Ambient Jam 2015-05-30 (Fragment) (7:56)

Track 1: All Music, Field Recordings, Sounds, Drone Voices And Performer By Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha); Except Song Sample: Russian Folk Song 'Oy Chego Ty Ne Prishov…' By Lukeriya Kosheleva (Vocal).
Track 2: Music And Performer By Sergey Vysokosov (Guitar), German Olshuk (Korg Triton), EugeneKha (Soft Synthesizers, Korg Kaossilator Pro, Percussion) And Vera Sazhina (Vocal).