45 ECHOES SOUNDS (45rpm_rec) wrote in soundscapes,

Kinematik VKE - Black Gravity

Artist: Kinematik VKE ( feat. Scott Lawlor)
Album: Black Gravity
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2014
Style: Ambient, Atmospheric Drone, Dark Ambient,
Time / Format: 73:44 || Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3

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Release notes:
There are two prevailing concepts in astronomy; dark energy and dark matter. Dark energy is a form of energy that contributes to the increasing expansion velocity of the universe. Dark matter can not be seen directly but does have a gravitational effect on visible matter. Both of these theories can also be applied to the type of universe we exist in. Dark energy can cause it to expand indefinitely, in which case all the hydrogen in the universe will eventually run out and everything goes dark (open theory), or dark matter will be just enough to stop expansion and eventually cause all matter to collapse inward (closed and occillating universe). Black gravity is my interpretation of dark matter's gravitational effect where there is the possibility of the universe's slow fall inward.
I would like to thank Scott Lawlor for allowing me to use samples from his album Dark Flow

Sound sources:
Dark Flow by Scott Lawlor
Various samples from Freesound.org
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