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a journey in ambient audio

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Soundscapes is a community for lovers of those sounds that are found all around us, both in nature, in cities, and in the digital realm.

Please feel free to :

- Submit your own recordings of nature, cities, found sounds, sound effects, or samples. (If you do, please let people know how they can use the sounds! I recommend either declaring your recording to be "Public Domain", or choosing a license through the Creative Commons website.)

- Point out other interesting websites that have similar soundscapes or recordings.

- Ask questions, or share techniques, technologies, and methods to make better recordings, or make better use of the recordings once you have them.

The longterm goal I have for this site is to make a permanent archive of public domain or Creative Commons licenced sounds that are submitted to the site, so please be clear about how you want (or don't want) your recordings used.

Hope you enjoy soundscapes!

insomnia @ livejournal . com

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